SNN Services

Southwater Neighbour Network has been very active in the local community since January 2014. The aim is to provide a Voluntary “Good Neighbour” support to those village residents who would welcome and benefit from it. Going from strength to strength, the number of neighbours / residents registered with the service and volunteers who are happy to help, is steadily increasing. A brief description follows below of the areas where we can provide some support.


shopping-2Has shopping become difficult, perhaps temporarily or permanently? Our friendly volunteers can offer accompanied trips to the shops within the local area or possibly even help to set up a regular on line supermarket delivery to the door!


This is our most requested service with neighbours registered with us. Our cheerful and friendly volunteers often help by driving neighbours to medical or other appointments and social events in Southwater or Horsham.

Social Visits

For those amongst us who are unable to get out and about, life can all too often become lonely and isolating.  A chat and a cuppa with a friendly Volunteer can bring a welcome change to routine, lift the spirits of someone who is house bound and leave them feeling more connected with the community and the world outside.

Help in the Home or Garden

Our volunteers cannot undertake cleaning or personal care but may be able to assist with the occasional tasks which have become difficult perhaps when our mobility is not so good. For example, changing a light bulb, turning a mattress, replacing a battery in a smoke alarm, sweeping leaves from a path, are the sort of small jobs that can mean a lot to someone who is unable to manage them alone.

Please Note:

Our volunteers are all fully insured and have the required DBS (CRB) security checks. They are a cheerful, friendly bunch who enjoy meeting people and helping in the community.

If we are unable to help with a request, then it is just possible that we may know of an agency or individual that can. So, do ask and we will do our best to help.

All those who would like to benefit from the service will need to register with ourselves prior to making a request. Just pick up the phone and call 07766 088967 and leave your name and telephone number and we will call you back