Confidentiality Statement

All SNN volunteers respect the need for confidentiality of information held about anyone who comes into contact with SNN, and about any SNN business:

  • Any information given to SNN volunteers is treated as confidential
  • Any discussions regarding our service users will be conducted in such a way that individuals will not be identified nor will their addresses be disclosed
  • Any information shared by a service user to a SNN volunteer will not be passed on to other individuals or agencies without the service users permission
  • There are however, exceptional circumstances in which we may need to take appropriate action. These circumstances are:
    • If a volunteer believes that a service user could cause danger to themselves or others
    • If a volunteer suspects abuse or has knowledge of abuse
    • If a service user gives information which includes that a crime has been committed
    • If disclosure is required by law, for example, by the police
    • If a person is felt to lack the mental capacity to make a decision. In such cases volunteers will discuss with a SNN trustee and they will only act in the service user’s best interest
    • If the service user gives information which indicates a possible terrorist threat.

If any of the above applies, volunteers will discuss the issue with a SNN trustee.

The ultimate decision to breaking confidentiality will belong to the Trustees. In urgent cases, the decision will rest with the Chairperson.

Statement Review

This statement will be reviewed at the first meeting of the incoming Management Committee each year. It will also be reviewed in response to changes in relevant legislation, contractual arrangements, good practice or in response to an identified failing in its effectiveness.

Date adopted and approved by the SNN Management Committee.

5th September 2016


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