Code of Conduct Policy

This Code is intended as a guide to indicate the standards of conduct which are expected of SNN volunteers including the Management Committee.

The Code is designed to assist SNN as a whole to function efficiently and to understand what conduct is expected of individuals when they are operating as a member of SNN.

The key aims of the Code are:

  • To be clear about how we are expected to conduct ourselves
  • To enhance opportunities for the fullest participation
  • To recognise and value the strengths, experience, grievance and expertise of all those involved with SNN.

Code of conduct:

  1. People will be treated with dignity and respect regardless of race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, disability, offending background, religion or age
  2. At all times people’s feelings will be valued and respected. Language or humour that people find offensive will not be used, e.g. sexist or racist jokes or terminology that is derogatory to someone with a disability
  3. No one will be harassed, abused, excluded or intimidated on the grounds of their race, sex, age, nationality, disability, offending background, religion or sexual orientation
  4. Insulting, abusive or racist remarks will not be tolerated from anyone associated with our organisation and behaviour of this type may lead to a volunteer being asked to leave or, in the case of a service user, to withdrawal of our services
  5. Incidents of harassment will be taken seriously. If the matter cannot be resolved by way of an acceptable apology and an undertaking that the offence will not be repeated, the disciplinary procedure will be invoked
  6. Any concern or complaint:
    • Regarding the work of a volunteer
    • From a service user
    • From a volunteer

    should be directed to a member of the Management Committee. Where appropriate, the disciplinary procedure will be invoked

    Any directly involved person has the right to appeal against a decision made by the Management Committee who will consider that appeal before a decision is made and that decision will be final.

  1. Members of the Management Committee have a responsibility to be properly prepared for meetings by reading the paperwork beforehand and by committing themselves to attending meetings as required
  2. Members of the Management Committee have an obligation to forward their apologies for absence at a meeting if it is not possible for them to attend
  3. Members of the Management Committee need to inform the Chairperson at a meeting of any conflicts of interest. The Chairperson and the remaining voting members of the meeting will decide whether individual(s) declaring an interest must leave the meeting for the relevant item or just not take part in the discussions or decision making.

Code Review

This agreement will be reviewed at the first meeting of the incoming Management Committee each year. It will also be reviewed in response to changes in relevant legislation, contractual arrangements, good practice or in response to an identified failing in its effectiveness.

Date adopted and approved by the SNN Management Committee.

5th September 2016

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