What is Southwater Neighbour Network?

We are a group of people who have come together to provide a free service to residents of Southwater Parish. We launched in January 2014 after a year of preparation and planning.

We have a committee, five of whom are also trustees.

Currently we have nineteen volunteers who have had the necessary DBS check and received induction training.

Why set up such a scheme?

A Volunteer in action!

A Volunteer in action!

Loneliness and isolation in communities has become a national concern and is featured in many social research studies. The effect on people’s health is thought to be not only psychological but physical too. In one such study it is stated that ‘loneliness can be as harmful to our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day’ (Social relationships and mortality risk; a meta-analytic review. Holt-Lunstad J, Smith TB, Layton JB, PLos Med 2010).

Southwater Parish has approximately 12,000 residents. After speaking to many local groups, organisations and individuals the overwhelming consensus was that a ‘good neighbour’ scheme is welcomed and of value to the community.

Who can use the service?

Southwater Neighbour Network, often referred to as SNN, can be used by anyone of any age in need of some help. Please see the ‘Services’ page to find out what we offer.

How is the scheme funded?

We rely on funding/grants and donations.

Volunteering with SNN.

There are several ways people can offer their time to keep the network running smoothly.

General volunteering might involve:

  • Driving people to local appointments or social occasions
  • Carrying out occasional household tasks, an example might be changing a light bulb
  • One off garden jobs such as clearing autumn leaves
  • Doing shopping for someone who can’t get out to do their own or taking them shopping if they have no transport
  • Social visiting. Some of our service users just want to see a friendly face, have a cuppa and hear about what is going on in the community.

A volunteer can offer as much or as little time as they like, to suit their own schedules.

Occasionally we have vacancies for new committee members. This is quite an active role that calls for attendance at meetings which are held every 6 weeks and taking on responsibilities as and when they arise.

All our volunteers complete a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check and are covered by SNN public liability insurance.

We have occasional social get togethers for all our volunteers.

We also offer training if volunteers wish to participate.

If you would like to talk with one of the committee about volunteering for SNN please go to the ‘Contact’ page for details of how to get in touch.